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© 2018. Trumble and Ludwig's Forest Adventure

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ready, set adventure!

Trumble and Ludwig are about to embark on an adventure of gigantic proportions! 'Claw in claw' they must set forth in the Tasmanian wilderness to find a mystical magical 'Squorch' seed to help cure their granny of the cursed 'lumpy face'. But its a real jungle out there and what lies ahead is nothing short of a troublesome and tumultuous ride to remember.

Trumble and Ludwig's Forest Adventure is an altruistic and uplifting tale about family and connectedness, laced with humour, subtle life lessons and a celebration of Australian wildlife

Part proceeds from this book will go to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program who are working tirelessly to secure a future for Tasmanian Devils in the wild.



ISBN 978-1-925545-76-0

Paperback, chaptered junior fiction

Illustrations are watercolour, ink, coffee and tea stain on watercolour paper

Pages 71

Assisted read 5 - 7 yrs or independent read from 7 yrs